How we work

We combine in a unique way in the market three key aspects in the design, management and optimization of a good insurance program: knowledge, capacity and commitment.

We know our customers and their risks in depth. Only with our experts in insurance solutions can we recommend the best solutions with the best results at all times

Privileged access to the insurance market and negotiation capacity optimizing the risk-coverage-cost ratio. We work with over 70 national and international insurance companies, with access to the main global insurance markets.

We are in the business of offering solutions and supporting the projects of our customers and their people. We are committed to day-to-day proximity and personal service. We manage claims in defense of our customers and take care of the control of your insurance account.

We create new spaces
in the face of uncertainty

In a changing world, uncertainty is a key variable to manage.
Knowing our risks and their hedging solutions provides peace of mind and competitive advantage.

Cases with customers

Discover through real cases, what is our approach and results with different customers.

A fourth-generation family company, and a benchmark in the manufacturing of brakes and high-level friction components for...

Para una plataforma tecnológica de referencia mundial con actividad 100% on-line con una valoración de 1Bn€, y presencia en 23 mercados. Diseñamos y...

For a family-owned hotel group with three hotels, one five-star deluxe, one five-star and one four-star hotel....

After the sale of your company in the Communication and Advertising sector, we have planned your personal and family insurance program and the...

A benchmark bank at European level, with a subsidiary in Spain for more than 130 years and 2,300 employees serving more than 6,500 customers...

For one of the main Spanish groups of construction and promotion, basically residential, in continuous growth for the last 10 years. Its staff...

For a company with more than 45 years of experience and six production centers in Spain, the Czech Republic and several Latin American countries. They work...

A benchmark company in the middle-market segment in Spain with 10 investees in its portfolio and 25 professionals, currently...

Digitally connected

We invest in innovation, technology and develop dedicated applications to be where, how and when our customer wants.
Global vision
Customer Dashboard, with the main variables and status of your insurance program.
Of the stages and evolution of each claim in real time.
Claims indicators, geolocation, policy expiration control.