Liability of Directors, Managers and Officers (D&Os)

We protect our customers’ assets at a personal level when they hold positions of responsibility and management in companies. In today’s competitive and volatile business world, we find ourselves in an increasingly strict regulatory environment, frequently exposed to potential lawsuits and claims.

Improved Civil Liability insurance

Our in-depth understanding of each customer, their business and shareholder structure allows us to design tailor-made coverage for their liabilities arising from corporate risks and decision making. With tailor-made guarantees for each sector, flexibility, worldwide coverage and temporary retroactivity.
Protects both Companies and Executives
It is the company, regardless of its size, which takes out this policy to cover its Executives and the Company and its subsidiaries (entity-up, entity-down) from claims against its executives.
Specialist Insurance
We work with specialist D&O insurers and global underwriting capabilities. We discuss policy by policy each condition, focusing on guarantees that add the most value to our customer.
Tailor-made Solutions

We design D&O policies that incorporate coverage for employment practices, workplace harassment, discrimination, advances and defense costs or legal proceedings, fines and administrative sanctions.

Cases with customers

Find out how we work in insurance for Directors, Administrators and Officers

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We manage the insurance program in Spain for a diversified media and publishing group, leader at European level, with different divisions of...

Specialist in production, packaging, marketing and industrialization of citrus fruits and their derivatives. They grow 100% n natural fruit...

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