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Client Ref.: 267.395
Client and project challenges
Specializes in the production, packaging, marketing and industrialization of citrus fruits and their derivatives. They grow fruit 100% natural in their farms that preserve all their properties, with intense flavors and fresh and full aromas thanks to their harvesting and packaging systems. They also specialize in the manufacture of juices, pulps and essential oils, as well as in the transformation of bark to obtain a wide variety of products for the food industry.
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–> It currently has an industrial plant and two plants for handling and packaging of citrus fruits for fresh consumption, strategically located in Murcia and Malaga, the two main production centers of lemon and grapefruit in Spain. Since 2018 we have been managing the main insurances of this client, composed of three companies, gradually capturing until completing the total of its Insurance Program, which we currently manage.
Our work and approach
We redesigned their Insurance Program, with the implementation of a single damage policy, unifying the three they had so far, we expanded the limits of General Liability and included the subsidiaries as additional insured parties. We also recommended and contracted the damage policy for all their farms, which were not insured, and we are working to contract a fleet of cars, thus unifying the maturities and coverages of their fleet of more than 50 vehicles.
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–> We manage their insurance program, consisting of General Liability, D&O, Industrial and Agricultural Multi-risk, Commercial Credit and approximately a fleet of 50 vehicles.
Among the main results of our advice we must highlight the optimization of your insurance program improving both costs and guarantees.
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–> We have managed a total of 46 claims of various kinds. In addition, they have always relied on our technical department to review the claims for non-payment, thus relying on our extensive experience in this area and allowing us to advise them when declaring them to the company.

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