Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals

The chemical and pharmaceutical industries show an increasing evolution resulting in important investments in their research and development programs. Sectors highly impacted by regulations on testing, clinical and pharmaceutical studies and environmental laws. The associated operational, financial and property risks are combined and high due to the products used, flammable and combustible, and their destination and use, human health. Ferrer&Ojeda designs management solutions for these risks with special insurances.
Risk Management approach
We apply our Partner® Risk Management methodology in all phases for our chemical and pharmaceutical customers: risk identification, analysis, assessment, evaluation, control and reduction through prevention and protection measures.
We study, quote and negotiate their transfer to the insurance markets for the risks of property damage and own installations as well as for the risks of damage to third parties and derived liabilities.
Specific fire risk analysis
A complete inspection of the risk situations by our engineers and the selected insurers and the analysis of the fire sectors allows us to evaluate the EML and PML scenarios.
We recommend plans for security measures to reduce these rates without distorting the storage, logistical and production needs of our customers’ businesses.
Specific Liability Analysis
In this type of industry, the loss that can be caused by one or a group of CR claims can represent a significant economic sum that is often difficult to quantify.
We analyze in detail with our customers the sum insured in Civil Liability based on the knowledge of the situation of their risks and their specific characteristics. The environment where the factory is located, the characteristics of the product, assessing possible damages to direct third parties, consequential and contamination to neighboring industries, analysis of contracts with suppliers, export countries and finally the potential danger in the service of a bad batch of finished product to distributor or end customer.

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