Civil Liability

We cover companies and their people against claims they may receive for their activity. In such an interconnected world of business relationships, liabilities can arise from different sources: third party claims, product, errors and omissions, environmental or technological.
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Beyond protection

Our specialist approach to liability insurance goes beyond simple coverage. We start with a thorough understanding of the risks and liabilities arising for each of our customers. Where reputational risk is often hidden behind a Civil Liability claim. We work with our customers to quantify the most appropriate coverage and sum insured for each case, its temporal scope and its global reach.
General Civil Liability
For claims derived from the activity and normal operation of the business. We incorporate coverage for defense expenses and bonds, liability against employees due to work accidents, tenants, subcontractors or on the product itself.
Professional Civil Liability
We cover negligent acts that may unintentionally cause economic damage to a third party in the exercise of our profession: consultants, lawyers, advisors, management companies, advertisers, doctors, architects.
Environmental Liability
We advise on the coverage of all companies in their legal duty (Law 26/2007) to assume all the means of protection within their reach and repair the damage caused to the environment, according to their priority level 1, 2 and 3

Cases with customers

Learn how we work in Civil Liability insurance

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