About Us.

A story of growth.

Over 40 integrations in the last 20 years.
Incorporating people, customers and value to the project.


More than 120 years ago, Seguros Ojeda was established, with a vocation to insure family-owned industrial companies and businesses.

Seguros Ferrer is established, with a vocation to insure business families and their people.


A one-of-a-kind merger. Combining resources to invest in more and better services for clients.

First key partners. Incorporation of JLS and CETESA, two key brokerages in shaping the current personality of F&O.

2000 - 2010

Growth and consolidation. With more than 20 additions, highlighting: Blay Tusquets, Alsina, Escudé, Lorente, Martí & Homs and Unibrok.

Acquisition of 100% of ExelBroker, industrial business brokerage of Banco Sabadell.


Future: People, technology and expertise. We reached 200 professionals. Generational succession process, incorporation of the 4th and 5th generation.

Hace más de 120 años, nace Seguros Ojeda, con vocación de asegurar empresas y negocios familiares e industriales.
Nace Seguros Ferrer, con vocación de asegurar familias empresarias y a sus personas.
Una fusión única en su clase. Combinando recursos para invertir en más y en mejores servicios para los clientes.
Primeros socios clave. Incorporación de JLS y CETESA, dos corredurías clave en la configuración de la personalidad actual de F&O.
2000 - 2010
Crecimiento y consolidación. Con más de 20 incorporaciones, destacando: Blay Tusquets, Alsina, Escudé, Lorente, Martí&Homs y Unibrok.
Adquisición del 100% de Exel Broker, correduría de negocio industrial del Banco Sabadell.
Futuro: Personas, tecnología y expertise. Alcanzamos los 200 profesionales. Proceso de sucesión generacional, incorporación de la 4ª y 5ª generación.
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Accompanying our customers throughout their insurance cycle and in the management of their risks.
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Our team of experts and insurance specialists at the service of our customers.
+ K
Over 8,000 business groups and an average of +14 years with us.
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business volume
Direct business volume in brokered premiums for our customers.

Being a benchmark implies, quantitatively, recognition from our market and our customers.
But it must always be the result of a qualitative aspect,
of our way of doing things, of our way of being.

Lluís Ferrer
Chief Executive Officer

Corporate governance

Ferrer&Ojeda is a family business of entrepreneurial families. We are the 4th and 5th generation, we maintain our vocation of continuity, building on our legacy, a new future.
We base our decisions on transparency, independence, sustainability and care for people.

Our purpose

We want to be a leading company, because of the way we do things, as a result of our way of being.

We make long-term strategic decisions in an honest, expert, independent and professional manner.

We understand our business as a business of people serving people. Actively involving ourselves in the human side of each problem and committing ourselves to its solution.

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