Credit Insurance

The risk of non-payment is one of the major risks associated with any commercial activity. Our specialized credit unit advises customers on the entire process of managing commercial risk. From the rating and analysis of customer portfolios and their main national and international operations, to the transfer of the risk to specialized insurance companies.
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Protecting commercial risk

The risk of non-payment in commercial operations and sales of our customers deserves a tailor-made design and service. We work from the analysis and rating of your portfolio, both domestic and foreign sales, to the transfer of your risks to specialized insurance companies.
Classification and analysis
Our job is to comprehensively analyze our customers’ portfolios. We classify and evaluate the risks in their commercial operations and credit sales and quantify the limits to be insured.
Tailor-made cover design
We propose the best solutions based on the analysis of each business: total or partial coverage of your sales, single risk coverage in selected operations, excess of loss, second layer. We work with the main global insurers.
Service beyond the policy
Credit insurance is a service insurance. We have a team of specialists from the selection of the policy and throughout its management: risk classification, audit of non-payments and prevention of delinquency.

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