We like to take care of people. Often, this means taking care of their homes, which is where we keep what we love and value the most.
At Ferrer&Ojeda, we have a team of professionals who are concerned about always gathering the best coverage in order to prevent unexpected risks.
We also know that taking out a home insurance policy is sometimes more complex than it seems, since not all homes are the same, and each one may have characteristics that make it potentially vulnerable. That is why we consider it vital for a professional to be involved in the preceding analysis.
Establishing the appropriate valuations is not a trivial task either, and establishing adequate capital is the differential value of a well contracted insurance policy.
Finally, at Ferrer&Ojeda we are always innovating in the incorporation of coverages that guarantee the minimization of losses or damages to new risks that we incorporate into our daily life, such as automation in our home, technology in our equipment or our family liability towards third parties for the use of scooters or bicycles or towards domestic employees.
Ferrer&Ojeda gives solutions of all kinds to all types of homes:
Buildings and Communities of Owners
A community of owners entails the contracting of a community insurance policy to cover the risks that may affect the entire building. This modality offers an insurance solution that combines coverage for material damage to the property and civil liability of the building against third parties.
However, coverage isn’t provided in all cases of damages caused by water leakage from the private pipes in homes. For this reason, at Ferrer&Ojeda, we like to attend to these needs by valuing these risks through special coverage. We are also interested in the goods of the non-community contents, as well as the improvements of the building incorporated privately by the owners in their homes, which must be insured by the homeowner’s policies of each owner.
The importance of correctly assessing the capital sums to be insured for Buildings must be related to the type of indemnity contracted and, as far as possible, always insure at Replacement Value as New.
Finally, in the case of asset managers who use their properties for rental purposes, we assess the loss of profits from their activity, and even offer additional guarantees for rehousing in the event of unexpected eventualities.