Surety Insurance

In both public and private companies, it is becoming increasingly common to request a surety to guarantee a signed contract. Companies usually resort to the bank guarantee, however, a surety insurance covers this need.
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The best guarantee to insure your contracts

We insure your contracts and commitments through surety insurance, transferring the financial risk to the insurance market. The insurance company is obliged to pay the insured in case the policyholder fails to comply with its conditions and obligations.
Advantage over a bank guarantee
The main advantage of surety insurance as a guarantee against any contract or commitment is that it does not consume CIRBE as opposed to a bank guarantee, which normally also has a higher financial cost.
Different modalities
We only work with specialist companies with a rating that guarantees us their solvency in the different coverages we offer: technical surety, public administration, renewable energy connection points, guaranteeing amounts on account.
Agile operations
We have a dedicated team that assists our clients’ Financial Department in the advice and selection of the insurer, and in the management of all the documentation to be submitted for the correct processing and quotation of the coverage.

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