Cyber Risk Insurance

Any company, no matter its size or activity, is vulnerable to internal and external cyberattacks. Having insurance prepares you for these situations so that the impact of the attack on the business is minimal.
Enterprise Risk
Attacks on SMEs
Average Cost / Cyberattack

New solutions for new technological risks

Cybersecurity is already the second priority in terms of risk for our customers. We support you in the event of a data breach, security breach, extortion threat or error, in dealing with the possible consequences and in restoring your business as soon as possible.
Data protection and information
For damages caused to your data and information, for extortion, including loss of profits as a result of cyberattacks and business interruption. In addition, we provide specialist legal advice services, cybersecurity training for employees and guarantees for telephone hacking or identity theft, covering the theft of company funds.
Incident Management Service
Nowadays all companies have a technological and computer dependency that has made us exposed to cyberattacks and security breaches that we are not conscious of. We work with the main cyberinsurance companies and their specialized first response, crisis coordination and recovery teams.
Liability coverage
For breach of duty of confidentiality and protection of personal data, security breaches, virus transmission and digital content liability. Covering the costs of defense and possible compensation.

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