Vehicle and Fleet Insurance

Far from considering the insurance of a vehicle as a commodity, due to the intensive use we make both at a private and professional level, it is key to have the appropriate levels of coverage, guarantees and assistance when choosing your insurance, beyond its price. Especially if we consider a fleet of company, passenger or industrial vehicles.
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Beyond the obligatory nature of civil liability insurance, we seek a warranty solution as tailored as possible to the needs of each vehicle and company. We advise our customers to efficiently transfer the main costs of a fleet or a vehicle to insurance, with a focus on protecting their operating account.
Increased productivity of your fleet
Our specialist team studies each fleet in its segment (cars, trucks, car-sharing, VTC and motorcycles) identifying the key aspects and designing the best cost-coverage scenario. From a global package, to sections by use, typology, PMA, age.
Optimization of the accident rate
The cost of vehicle insurance depends mainly on its accident rate and maintenance per use. Thanks to our experience, we are able to analyze cases and recommend improvement initiatives to optimize costs, reducing claims and frequency.
Fleet management and services
In usage insurance such as vehicle and fleet insurance, the cost per service makes the difference. Whether as part of an overall fleet program or on a stand-alone basis, we seek the best solutions and network of suitable assistance providers.

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