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Ferrer&Ojeda offers a wide range of insurance solutions for the critical risks to which players in the Real Estate and Real Property sector are exposed, from traditional coverage of building ownership and its liabilities, to specialized services that address risks such as rental protection, guarantee of contracts in delivery operations, the custody of trustees’ funds, the professional responsibilities of directors, managers and administrators.
Integral solutions for the real estate sector
We offer a wide range of insurance solutions for the Real Estate, Property and Building Ownership sector. We work for family and multifamily offices, owners, managers and developers.
Our insurance solutions contemplate wide coverage limits with operations exceeding €100M, incorporating the main coverages and guarantees of global insurers.
Main insurances and protections
What insurance you need as real estate agents depends very much on your role in the real estate industry. It depends on whether you are an owner, developer or agent, or simply a property manager.
For example, if you are an owner of real estate assets, insuring the value of your property, its container and contents and its liabilities derived from claims that you may poetentially receive is crucial. As landlords, you will also want to protect your rents against a possible risk of non-payment by tenants.
Catastrophes and special risks
The risks faced by those operating in the real estate sector, each to a different degree, have increased with the events of recent times. From climatic catastrophes, such as earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and strong atmospheric impacts, to terrorist attacks or pandemics, causing an incalculable and often unpredictable impact on the variation of the value of real estate assets.
We advise investors on whether or not there is coverage against these risks and under what circumstances our properties and value in Real Estate transactions will be protected.

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