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Client and project challenges
Family Office of one of the family branches of one of the world’s leading food and beverage companies.
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–> We manage your insurance of private real estate assets: houses and homes, vehicles, corporate shares in restaurants and offices; and all family insurance: life, health and accidents.
Our work and approach
On a perimeter of more than 70 contracted policies, with different agents, we carry out the following works: Homes, Communities and Buildings: collective study of single-family homes owned and insurance of all of them in the same Company and by the Modality of All Risks with extended and worldwide CR. In the group of homes in apartments owned for housing and rental to third parties, insurance at the client’s request in individual multi-risk policies in the same insurance company, with special clauses.
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–> Offices and Catering Businesses: group insurance of offices and catering businesses in individual multi-risk policies with the same insurer with special clauses (extension of limits, discounts and coverages).
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–> Vehicles: tend with different companies, finally deciding on an individual insurance option on a case by case basis. Life, Accident and Health: Study of loyalty awards to employees with more years in the industrial group and based on this and their income level, contracting insurance.
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–> Group Health for key members of the family group.
Convincing the Family Office of the benefits in their case of a single broker, Ferrer&Ojeda, with a specific executive to provide service to the group, in addition to an account manager. Where any employee of the more than 20 Companies of the family group, knew that they can call us and that we are knowledgeable of their risk situations and policies, to assist them and provide service.
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–> We established control and follow-up where every year we review the renewal premiums of all policies. We improve from day one the guarantees, coverages and insured limits.
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–> We established valuation and underwriting criteria always from Replacement Value to New. We optimized costs: prioritizing cost reduction, we decided not to build a fleet for the vehicles.

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