Retail, stores and catering

Opening a public-facing business, whether it is a store or a restaurant, entails significant responsibilities and investment, which is why we need to protect it. The business relationship creates a special bond with your customers and insurance helps us in the event of any claim we may receive from a customer or third party and protects our reputation. Our insurance solutions comprehensively protect your business, your inventory, your potential liabilities and the lack of income due to a major loss.
Special coverage
We work for different customers, from large retail chains, fashion, neighborhood stores, restaurants and catering groups, jewelry stores and workshops.
Our insurance solutions include special coverage for contents and stock, public liability and product liability due to poisoning, breakage of shop windows and signage, employee accidents, and cash in transit or theft at the cash register.
Service and Claims Management
In the event of any claim, our policyholders can count on our rapid response in less than 24 hours and we will activate the policy to restore their business activity as soon as possible.

Our specialists in commercial and catering claims will monitor the entire process, in defense of our client’s interests. Including legal defense coverage in case of receiving a claim from a third party.

Catering Insurance
Ferrer&Ojeda offers specialized solutions for the catering sector, restaurant chains, bars and cafeterias.
With custom-designed insurance programs with solutions as interesting as the guarantee of refrigerated goods in case of damage to the cold room, product liability for poisoning or loss of profits, in case you are forced to close your premises due to an accident, we cover up to 12 months of income.

Cases with customers

Find out how we work for customers in the retail, commercial and catering sectors

For a catering company with 20 restaurants and 300 employees. Insured with different insurance companies in the market with different coverages. Ferrer&Ojeda designed an exclusive product for property damage and civil liability...

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For two major retail chains to merge, the new group has 300 stores in Spain and Portugal...

Our insured located in the province of Catalunya is one of the best known restaurants in the city. Its owner opened a modest business...

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