Plan for your family’s future, in case a setback could seriously affect their well-being and future.
At Ferrer&Ojeda we are aware of the importance of family and, therefore, of your loved ones.
We work with a team of professionals specialized in life insurance who work every day to guarantee the peace of mind of your loved ones. We offer the best solutions in the market, with specialized companies, advising you on your life insurance and family welfare.
We study each case of our customers according to their needs, standard of living and family situation. We carry out a prospective study on the estimated evolution of the premium, depending on the capital and age of the insured, so that you can plan the total cost of the insurance over time.
Life insurance policies may cover death and permanent disability due to illness or accident, or survival, depending on the type of policy chosen.
The coverage of the main risks can be combined with complementary financial operations. Be sure to visit our Family Savings and Foresight section.