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Reference company in the middle-market segment in Spain with 10 investees in portfolio and 25 professionals, with an asset management valued at more than 700M€. It has made more than 30 investments and divestments in the last 12 years and has just raised its third fund of more than 300 million euros.

Our work and approach

We actively participate in the insurance management of several of its investee companies, which we manage independently from the fund as an investor, with full knowledge of the business and its management teams, with whom we maintain long-term relationships beyond the investment horizon.

We provide each investee with our advisory and expert advice in insurance and risk transfer as well as in the approach and management of claims. After analyzing the structure of the management company, we propose the need to subscribe a reciprocal keyman insurance with limits according to the established valuation, as if it were a partners’ protocol.

We also manage the personal and family insurance of the fund’s Managing Partners, insuring their personal assets.


We improved the conditions and coverage in several of its investee companies after conducting an insurance Due Diligence. We established D&O and Liability insurance for the fund’s and its investee companies’ Directors and Officers.

We indemnified impact claims, such as a fire that occurred in the main plant and warehouse of one of its most strategic investments, with full recovery of the value and successful restoration of the activity.

And lastly, we implemented keyman life insurance as a protocol in the event of a possible share buyback and protection mechanisms for the management company in the event of death. The limit proposed as a result of an asset valuation was approved and negotiated directly with the senior management of the insurer, due to its complexity and amount.

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