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Client Ref.: 203.572
Client and project challenges
For a family-owned hotel group with three hotels, one five-star luxury, one five-star and one four-star.
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–> Located in the center of the city of Barcelona in one of the most emblematic enclaves of Europe as a tourist, hotel, hospitality and commercial destination with great architectural appeal.
Our work and approach
Our relationship with this client went beyond the insurance of their business, also advising them and analyzing the situations of personal and property insurance of property and fleet of vehicles.
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–> As for the hotel business we insured both the construction of RC Promoter and All Risks Construction for improvement works in the establishments as well as their subsequent operation and normal activity.
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–> We unify criteria for the valuation of fixed assets. We extend coverages, limits and guarantees with significant reductions of franchises. We unify coverage for all your risk situations.
We underwrite, unify and manage your program in six main policies: Property Damage, Civil Liability, D&O, Accident and All Risks and RC Construction Developer.
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–> Among the main results of our advice to the client is to have achieved a global vision of your business, beyond each establishment, resulting in minimizing administrative procedures by the client and above all giving a very broad and comprehensive coverage to the business and its assets.
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–> We have successfully managed more than 104 claims of different characteristics to date, among which stand out both claims of use such as: glass breakage, water damage and damage to hotel facilities, consequential losses such as loss of profits and loss of earnings, as well as claims by customers, always with a satisfactory resolution preserving the image and prestige of our client

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