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Client Ref.: 204.954
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A benchmark bank in Europe, with a subsidiary in Spain for more than 130 years and 2,300 employees serving more than 6,500 customers
Our work and approach
We audit the existing health contracts, more than 60 when we started working with them, we provide an analysis and our vision of health insurance in Spain for company employees. We analyze and negotiate the existing Pension Plan, giving continuity to the Insurer recommended by the Bank. We designed the Health Group as the star Social Benefit for the bank’s employees, eliminating 32 old groups and making room for employees and their families, former employees and retirees.
We designed, negotiated and implemented a best-in-class employee health program, Employee Benefits, with accessibility to private medical insurance with any type of pre-existence for employees and their families, with a medical directory and reimbursement. We went from 60 policies to 10, creating administrative efficiency and reducing management costs, and reduced costs by an average of 35%. We currently have more than 2,700 policyholders in the program.

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