Our clients in Energy, Natural Resources, Renewables and Clean Tech face growing challenges and risks in a world in constant progress with increasing energy demand and consumption. The regulation of governments and organizations on production and marketing, commitments to reduce emissions and carbon footprint or the transition to clean energy models, are just some of these challenges, which require more than ever a risk approach and insurance programs with a global vision.
Insurance programs in all energy sources
We design, together with our energy and renewable energy clients, all their risk transfer in insurance programs, in each and every phase of their projects, from construction to their exploitation and commercialization operations.
We work for oil companies, water cycle management utilities, biodiesel and biomass plants, hydroelectric plants, solar and wind farms, trading companies and new technologies in clean energy.
Risk Management of each project

Our team of energy specialists accompanies our clients in all phases of the project: preliminary advice, development, financing, construction, operation and maintenance.

With holistic Risk Management proposals that identify major traditional risks such as infrastructure damage, weather and natural catastrophes, environmental leaks and human error, as well as new risks such as cyber threats and power outages, which can cause severe disruptions in energy production.
Claims and claims management
Our Energy practice has highly specialized claims management and claims handling teams, being aware of the importance of speed in attending and resolving claims, due to the great impact of loss of profits in this sector.

Cases with customers

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