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Client Ref.: 292.165
Client and project challenges
Self-employed, he is the owner of two car repair shops. His main activity is the repair of vehicles, but he also provides a replacement car service to his customers.
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–> The challenge is to insure an entire fleet of leasing vehicles, an unattractive risk for the companies we work with and for the insurance market in general. We start from the assumption that the client has a strong bond with its insurance company, since it has committed its entire insurance program, moreover, replacement vehicles are labeled with the company’s brand.
Our work and approach
Initially we worked with the premise of creating a single fleet in the name of a single policyholder.
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–> We are faced with the difficulty that no company wants to insure the risk, 18 leasing vehicles, which are in the middle of the contract with the company we insure, given the accident rate of these groups and after many negotiations, we refuse to insure the fleet.
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–> We divide the totality of the vehicles in two, insuring 10 vehicles in the name of one of the companies and 8 in the other, taking advantage that the client has two workshops and that the ownership of the vehicles is not the same in all the cars, we insure them individually, that is to say, one by one.
We get a very competitive premium, the customer saves more than 4,000 € in total compared to what he had before with Mapfre, is very satisfied with our management.
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–> We build customer loyalty, we register 2 more accident policies agreement and a multi-risk of one of the workshops for the moment, in total we have registered 22 policies.

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