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Client Ref.: 287.707
Client and project challenges
Company that belongs to a Group with 30 years of history and leader in the export of ornamental stones in Latin America.
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–> It offers a wide portfolio and solutions for facade cladding, internal and external floors, countertops and other demands for residential and commercial works, in addition to solutions in coatings for industries, distributors, marble workers, architecture and decoration professionals.
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–> It has a staff of 175 permanent employees and its turnover reaches 40 million euros.
Our work and approach
A priori the main challenge we had was to compete with their current broker, who had been with the client for many years and was linked to one of the partners. In order to enter and gain the trust of the client our main focus was to advise the client correctly, for which in some branches we proposed to make a new policy and in others we simply provided our recommendations to improve the policies that they already had subscribed.
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–> Our honesty was key, as the client gave us the opportunity to quote in principle their Liability program.
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–> Taking into account that practically 70% dof the company’s turnover is destined to the American market, for the study of terms we turned to insurers with wide coverage capacity in that area. Also, although the activity of the company was an obstacle to obtain a proposal, being excluded from contracting 4 insurers, we have obtained a proposal with exceptional technical and economic conditions, even improving the insured limits they had.
Among the main results of our advice to the client are the optimization of its Civil Liability insurance program tailored to the client’s needs, improving coverage limits, including guarantees, adapting the geographical and jurisdictional scope and optimizing costs.
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–> The relationship of trust that we have achieved is allowing the client to give us the opportunity to quote their entire insurance program depending on the maturities, among which we highlight the D&O Liability insurance and freight insurance of which we have great chances of success.
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–> Likewise, we have explained to the client the need to have a Cyber Risks insurance, citing clear and real examples of vulnerability to which they are continuously exposed, for which they are taking the necessary preventive and technological security measures prior to contracting the policy.

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