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Client Ref.: 7.446.115
Client and project challenges
Galician group based in Vigo dedicated to construction and services. It specializes in the construction of public infrastructure such as water, roads, ports; and private infrastructure such as industrial buildings, office buildings, rehabilitation of buildings and urban spaces and in the provision of services such as water supply and sanitation, sports services, maintenance of soccer fields and nursing homes.
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–> It is made up of more than 20 companies and has a permanent staff of 358 people, but employs almost 1,300 and its turnover reaches 40 million euros.
Our work and approach
Due to the nature of its activity and given that the client is continuously immersed in various bidding processes with the public administration and in parallel in private processes, our main work has focused on the detailed analysis and review of each of the clauses that make up the specifications and public and private bidding contracts, in order to give the right approach and get insurance support in the market with the best possible technical and economic conditions and to be able to provide solutions to each of the contractual requirements.
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–> Additionally, we are in continuous review of its entire insurance program, among which we highlight the Civil Liability, Directors and Officers Liability and more recently the Group Health, in which the service of our Employee&Benefits team has been fundamental.
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–> We also inform the client about new products, improvements in the market and we have given training sessions on construction insurance led by our Technical Director in Construction for key people within the group.
The 6 years of close collaboration endorse a relationship of growth, consolidation and trust client-broker, continuously proposing the best solutions to their coverage needs, and getting insurance solution to each of the contractual requirements of public and private character.
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–> What has differentiated us from the rest has been our honesty, and capacity of analysis and negotiation with the companies.
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–> Given that the bulk of the policies are concentrated in the Construction All Risks branch, as they are temporary insurance per work, we established an automatic monitoring control that allows us to keep an exhaustive surveillance of the maturities and to be able to manage in a timely manner the necessary modifications according to the work in progress. With agility and proactivity we have managed with a satisfactory result a claim correctly refused by the client’s insurance company. From the brokerage all the steps were taken to claim the damages to the causer, and finally the causer’s company accepted to assume the particular without our client having to go to court.

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