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Client Ref.: 7.411.486
Client and project challenges
Important business group in the Valencian Community, with a long history and with several business areas among which are mainly the part of Construction, developed by 3 companies of the group and the management and provision of social services, both to the elderly and the activities of comprehensive coverage of the “Dependence”, distributed among 4 other companies of the group.
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–> In the field of construction, today they focus their activity mainly on the construction and promotion of real estate, urbanizations, roads and civil works. Since 2010 began a process of internationalization under its subsidiary, exporting the know-how gained throughout the historical experience in Spain to other markets. It maintains permanent delegations in Algeria, Panama and Germany and international works have been carried out in Morocco, Italy and Panama.
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–> Likewise, the other main activity of the group focuses on the management and operation of several residences, day centers and sheltered housing in the Valencian Community.
Our work and approach
We began our relationship of collaboration and advice in 2013, at which time we captured their Material Damage and CR Program for Geriatric Residences, which we have been managing since then and have been constantly updating according to the needs of the insured and the evolution of the market.
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–> In 2015 we captured their General Construction CR program, and since then we have been managing and updating it according to the client’s needs. Subsequently we have been expanding and consolidating our position in the client’s insurance program by advising, contracting and subsequent management in various branches: Surety, TR Construction, Offices, Travel Assistance, specific CR for works in UTE.
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–> To all this we must add an important management of claims resolution, due to the high frequency of claims that the client has.
Our management and constant search for insurance solutions for the client have allowed us to progressively consolidate our presence in their insurance program, becoming their reference broker.
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–> We currently manage the main policies of the insurance program.

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