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Client Ref.: 298.527
Client and project challenges
A manager in the consumer goods sector who, accustomed to his sector, decided to support a project of trade and distribution of artisan gourmet products through a partner while he was still active. During his last professional stage, the project grows acquiring great dimension and when he reaches his retirement, he connects with the general management of this project, requesting the help of Ferrer&Ojeda to organize the growth of this company.
Our work and approach
The work carried out focused on the risk mapping of an activity that at the time was incipient and currently has a turnover, a volume of business and a dedication from which more than 20 families live. Since the risks involved are related to food with more than 60 artisan suppliers, it was necessary to confirm, through a complete study of all of them, the existence of product liability policies and Recall’s guarantee, so that in the event of a possible incident, the impact of a claim could be amortized.
As a result of the previous work, all the supplier contracts analyzed were unified, designing and sizing a specific policy for their responsibilities in accordance with their risks.

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