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Client Ref.: 298.482
Client and project challenges
Businessman with more than 30 years of professional experience, he suffers the loss of his father who for years has been the Manager of the family business, and faces the challenge of strengthening his leadership capacity of the company, delegating to Ferrer&Ojeda the management of reordering all the insurances that were distributed in different commitments that the previous generation, had had, among them, financial entities, direct insurance agencies and several brokers.
Our work and approach
First of all, we were faced with the task of compiling all the insurance contracts in the different companies we met, trying to update capital and guarantee on very old policies.
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–> We detected policies in disuse that insured non-existent risks. Other policies did not meet the current needs of the new generation, and therefore, they could be eliminated or even replaced by policies that quadrupled their guarantees or limits.
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–> On a total of more than 35 contracts, we began a work of homogenizing guarantees, limits and deductibles acceptable to our client, trying at all times to improve conditions, concentrate risks in multi-risk policies, and optimize, through the unification of maturities, the family treasury
As a result of the previous work we obtained the unification of all the contracts analyzed in only 5 insurance contracts, all grouped by risks, and simplifying the insurance portfolio, integrating them in first class companies.
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–> Our client was very grateful for the work done, and nowadays, it allows him to enjoy a single interlocutor for all his insurances within the Ferrer&Ojeda team.

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