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Client Ref.: 270.123
Client and project challenges
For a company that started as a spice mixer and preparation for the food industry, with the second generation, diversified its product range and bet on research and development, launching pioneering solutions for the food sector.
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–> Located in southeastern Spain, Murcia is the fruit and vegetable garden of Europe. Its unique climate and geography produce high quality products that are a true inspiration for its scientists. Combining the essence of Mediterranean life, the best of nature and its biotechnology know-how, its food scientists develop innovative solutions to create tasty and safe food.
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–> Our client markets its products worldwide through its extensive sales network distributed on all continents.
Our work and approach
When we met them in 2018 they were expanding in USA and Mexico with two subsidiaries, we managed the expansion of their General CR, designing and implementing an International Program with local policy in USA covered under the primary policy of HDI in DIC/DIL.
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–> To this primary General Liability we added a Second Layer to cover specific needs required by some of your clients, thus expanding limits and coverages.
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–> We audited their policies and also found a Multi-risk insurance with insufficient coverage for their facilities that had been expanding and modernizing, the same happened to us with their D&O that had very basic coverage for the scope that the company was expanding. We also managed their Freight Transport policy, improving the coverage they had in their previous policy, which was a standard policy and not specifically designed for them.
We managed to reduce the number of insurance contracts from 20 to 3 corporate policies with a better administrative approach, higher coverage and costs.
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–> The correct valuation of the Insured Sums for Buildings, Contents and Annual Gross Profit moves the Client away from the dangerous underinsurance, aware that possible claims will be managed with the criterion of the replacement or reconstruction of the property to its new condition.
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–> We prepare technical risk verification reports with safety recommendations and a periodic follow-up with on-site meetings. The Client’s compliance with the recommendations was rewarded with optimal insurance conditions and the obtaining of the activity license once the authorities verified the improvements made against the risk of fire.
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–> The Contingency Plan has been working together for three years considering the interrelation of the activities and risks of the three production plants.

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