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Client Ref.: 263.736
Client and project challenges
Client dedicated to the manufacture and assembly of metal structures, nationally and internationally, located in Alava. Previously a client closely linked to another brokerage and who agreed to a visit with us through a collaborator. In principle they had no intention of revising their program as they believed they were well positioned and did not want to make such a strong change.
Our work and approach
In spite of the fact that his broker analyzed the market and had good conditions, we made a revision of the whole program, improving in most of the branches and offering better coverage, limits and economic conditions.
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–> In addition, we have carried out works of entity abroad, creating subsidiaries in those countries, moment in which we have demonstrated our capacity to give advice of the requirements and insurances to contract, some own of the country, and coverage through the UNIBA network.
In this 8-year relationship with the client, we can say that we have achieved a situation of optimal trust and loyalty. In the last renewals have worsened significantly the economic conditions, due to the current market situation, but the customer has valued our effort, market review and advice, despite the rise.
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–> In addition to the satisfaction of the service we provide and as a result of the confidence he has in the Group, the client gave us the reference of a company with which they subcontract their work regularly. We made a study and finally they also issued the policies with us.

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