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Disagreements with Great Britain: Answer Key

Great Britain has played an influential role in world history, politics, and culture. However, the relationship between Great Britain and other countries has not always been smooth sailing. Here are some of the key disagreements between Great Britain and other nations:

1. The Falklands War: In 1982, Argentina invaded the Falkland Islands, a British overseas territory in the South Atlantic. The British government sent a task force to recapture the islands, resulting in a ten-week conflict that claimed the lives of over 900 people. Argentina ultimately surrendered, but the dispute over the sovereignty of the Falklands remains unresolved.

2. Brexit: In 2016, Great Britain voted to leave the European Union, a decision that caused significant political and economic turmoil. The Brexit negotiations between Great Britain and the EU were contentious, with disagreements over trade, immigration, and other issues. The UK officially left the EU in January 2020.

3. The Irish Troubles: The conflict in Northern Ireland between Catholic nationalists and Protestant loyalists has a long and complex history, but Great Britain has been involved in the dispute since its partition in 1921. The Troubles erupted in the late 1960s and lasted for decades, resulting in over 3,500 deaths. The Good Friday Agreement in 1998 marked a significant step towards peace, but tensions between the two communities still exist.

4. The Opium Wars: In the 19th century, Great Britain and China clashed over the opium trade. The British East India Company was smuggling opium into China, causing widespread addiction and social problems. China attempted to crack down on the trade, leading to two wars with Great Britain. The British emerged victorious, and as a result, China was forced to open its ports to foreign trade and cede Hong Kong to the British Empire.

In conclusion, these disagreements between Great Britain and other nations demonstrate the complex and often tumultuous nature of international relations. While some of these issues have been resolved, others remain unresolved and continue to shape global politics today.