Works of art and valuables

At Ferrer&Ojeda we are well aware that money cannot always replace the sentimental value of certain objects or collections. Even so, we are committed to seeking the financial formula to compensate as far as possible for such losses, and to participate actively in prevention.


We are specialists in valuing, protecting and insuring art collections, as well as other collections such as classic cars, antique books, jewellery, stamps, wine, weaponry, etc.

Insuring art collections requires experts for the accurate valuation, prevention, analysis of the terms and conditions and coverages offered by Insurance Companies, especially at the time when an unexpected setback puts all the work done to date to the test. In order to always be in possession of as much information as possible, and to guarantee that the indemnity is fair and effectively taken out, at Ferrer&Ojeda we guarantee transparency, the utmost professionalism and discretion.

We establish agreed values for the insured objects.

We guarantee movement, transport and participation in exhibitions.

We establish frameworks so that there is no need for you to constantly inform of new acquisitions.

In the event of partial damage, it can be decided whether to pay compensation for loss of value, the cost of repair or for the total value.

You can enjoy your collections or objects of special value. We will take care of insuring them.



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