Recreational vessels

At Ferrer&Ojeda our aim is to ensure your peace of mind while sailing, and to this end our team of specialists are responsible for studying all hulls to offer the solution best adapted to your needs.  


The compulsory insurance covers the civil liability that may be incurred by the shipowner and shipping agent and the duly authorised skipper or crew  steering the vessel.

On 1 July 1999 the Regulations on Mandatory Civil Liability Insurance for Recreational and Sports Vessels (RD 607/99) came into effect. Royal Decree 607 applies to:

> All vessels powered by motors (including jet skis).

> Vessels not fitted with motors, with a length in excess of 6 m.

> Foreign vessels sailing in Spanish waters which meet the aforesaid requirements.


 And, although not mandatory, it is worthwhile including coverage for the loss of or material damage to the vessel (fire, collision, theft, wreck, grounding, etc.) and personal accidents that the passengers may suffer (death, invalidity, healthcare). 



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