Multi-risk Corporate

A company's wealth lies in its assets, that which it needs to be able to offer its products and services on a daily basis. Accordingly, we need to be very careful when insuring all these assets, such as installations, machinery and stock, among others, which are subject to different risks that may place their proper operation at risk.


The multi-risk insurance policy identifies the risks inherent to any economic activity involving the transformation or industrial storage of goods. Consequently, any manner of transformation, storage, handling or manufacturing activity can be covered by policies of this type. The coverage of the multi-risk insurance policy is highly extensive; it is a combination of benefits for different causes of risk, whether they be damage to own property or to third parties. The benefits are differentiated between indemnity for damages and compensation for expenses.

Causes of damage to own property include: risk of fire, explosion, theft, breakage of windows, water leakage, meteorological phenomena, etc.

Causes of damage to third parties include the damages caused to third parties through conducting the activity.

Here it should be pointed out that, depending on the activity, the civil liability cover may require special complimentary treatment. In the majority of cases, we propose coverage with special treatment with a view to adapting the entrepreneur's risk circumstances as far as possible.

In terms of expenses, the risk policies cover the following: assistance from the fire service, rubble removal, location of leaks, etc.

We also offer combined industrial risk coverage, with two alternatives:

> Industrial Multi-Risk, or named risks: the risks covered are identified one by one.

> Fully Comprehensive Industrial, or unnamed risks: all damages are covered unless specifically excluded.

For this type of coverage the valuation, analysis and follow-up of a team of insurance experts is needed, more than ever, to guarantee the proper interpretation of the risk, the appropriate taking out of guarantees, and the best follow-up and management of claims.



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