Loss of Driving Licence

We are aware of the importance of having the use of your vehicles on a daily basis, that is why we believe that it is important to cover you against the possible loss of your driving licence, as an ideal supplement to the new Driving Licence Points System. 


What does this type of insurance offer?

> Financial assistance when you cannot drive: a monthly subsidy in the event of the temporary loss of your driving licence owing to recklessness, fault or negligence.

> Financial assistance in the event of losing your driving license: if you lose all your points and your licence is withdrawn, for three months you will be paid the monthly subsidy contracted for travelling expenses.

> Enrolment expenses: if you lose your driving licence as a result of losing all your points, you will need to take a complete a road awareness and refresher course to get your licence back. You will be paid up to €500 for enrolment in the course and the subsequent exam fees.

> 24-hour legal aid telephone service: to inform you of the rights which help you as a driver, and of the best manner of defending yourself.

> Transport of the Insured Party's vehicle: if your vehicle is immobilised by the competent authorities after a breathalyser test and no other passenger can drive it home for you, a tow truck will be dispatched so that you do not have to leave your immobilised vehicle on the road.

> Traffic infraction management: in administrative proceedings, if they entail the loss of your driving licence or the loss of points.



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