Life Employees

Companies can decide to take out collective life cover for their employees, either because this is stipulated in the registered collective bargaining agreement, or because they wish to offer their teams guaranteed family stability and strengthen their loyalty to the company.


At Ferrer&Ojeda we are well acquainted with the different characteristics of these collectives and the principal challenges in managing them:

> Finding suitable cover, facilitating access to the collective with the least possible red tape.

> Annual negotiation of the collectives' financial conditions with the insurance companies.

> Management of new policies, cancelled policies and/or periodic regularisations.

> In the event of changing insurance company, management of all the incidents and complexity arising from the change.

> Information, support and guaranteed response in the case of a claim. Claims of this type are particularly delicate.


We become your principal partner, so that the collective truly benefits everyone, your financial and operating costs are minimised, and your workers, professional teams and partners receive the rewards and value that the company invests in them.





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