Key-person life cover

The value of a company is identified through its capacity to generate future income.


Every day, it becomes increasingly clear that, in a competitive setting, the competitive advantage of companies, beyond their material means, lies in the existence of individuals with strategic vision and the capacity to implement and manage that vision.

Thus, the death/invalidity of individuals with these skills may be seriously damaging for the company. This trend will become even more prominent in the future.


What could the damage entail?

> Loss of experience in the Company's management.

> Loss of market confidence.

> The cost of searching for and training the replacement, as well as the risk of selection.

> Possible dissolution of the company owing to the entrance of new shareholders.


In this policy, both the Policy Holder (contracting party) and the Beneficiary (recipient of the compensation) is the Company.

This also enables the company to guarantee the tools required to overcome an important loss in its management staff. Such is the importance of this coverage, that it is essential to analyse the financial impact of the loss in depth and with an expert, and to insure it correctly.



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