Taking out health insurance through the company has great advantages, including the following:


> Financial advantage: as corporate insurance entails a collective policy, better prices can be obtained than when taking out insurance individually.

> Tax advantages for the company: the premiums paid by the company are tax deductible for Corporation Tax.

> Tax advantages for the employee: medical insurance, up to €500 per person per year, is not considered payment in kind (this amount is non-taxable).


This insurance can be aimed at different collectives within the company:

> At partners and their families: often, each partner takes out individual health insurance in which all the members of his/her family are covered: thus, if we join together a minimum of 2 partners with their families, we already have collective insurance with the advantages set out above.

> At employees: more and more companies are including non-salary benefits in their annual remuneration review. Medical insurance is one of the products most highly valued by companies, given that it is a frequently used type of insurance and it offers high levels of quality for both the employee and their family.


 Features of taking out collective health insurance:

> Flexibility: the insurance can be for all employees or just some of them.

> Reduced premium: lower costs and suppression of waiting period.

> Comprehensive care: includes the came coverage as health insurance.

> Bargaining power: with the possibility of taking out coverage beyond the scope of individual policies.


Advantages for the company taking out the insurance:

> Loyalty: provides the company with added value in the eyes of its employees.

> Motivation: the company is seen to be caring for its employees, which translates into increased loyalty and productivity.

> Costs savings: cuts down on absenteeism as it reduces time spent waiting for medical appointments and tests, and it allows them to be conducted outside working hours.

> Tax benefits: taking out such collective policies has a positive impact on the company's taxation.


Advantages for the Insured Employee:

> Comprehensive care: from primary healthcare to cutting-edge diagnostic tools , with the same levels of service and convenience as a private policy.

> Costs savings: possibility of incorporating the family into the collective at the same price.

> Tax benefits: not considered as payment in kind, nor are they considered work-related income , so that, up to the limits established by the Law, they are not taxable.





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