Goods Transport

Our group of Transport products includes a wide range of both domestic and international coverage, with our extensive experience and expertise providing multiple solutions tailored to the needs of each client.    


Additionally, our strategic relationships with International Intermediaries Organisations enables us to deal easily with any need derived from outsourcing in any country. We operate with the leading, most highly-specialised Insurance Companies in each business segment, both within Spain and abroad. We are founder members of one of the leading Brokers at Lloyd's of London, where we enjoy direct access in order to be able to provide optimal solutions to complex situations.   


The range of possibilities is truly vast:

> Goods transport

> Means of transport

> Vessels of all types

> Yachts and recreational craft

> Protection and indemnity (p & i)

> Aviation and aerospace

> Liabilities of all manner of operators

> Special insurance (among other types)

> Maritime and port installations

> Marinas

> Fish Farms and Marine Farms

> Consequential Losses and Loss of Earnings

> Art and Exhibitions

> Political Risks (Confiscation, nationalisation, etc.)

> Transport and assembly of equipment and machinery

> International Programmes

> Live animals

> Logistics in general

> Specific insurance policies:

> Mobile equipment and installations

> Locations and assignments

> Warehouse movement

> Complex logistics

> Etc.


All this is supplemented, in each case, with coverage for specific risks which, as regards the above, may result in disruptions and losses for our Insured Parties.



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