Corporate CL

All professionals use their skills to the best of their ability on a daily basis, but none of them is immune from making a mistake, or from suffering the effects of dishonest actions by their employees. These actions may involve claims or lawsuits from third parties which may affect the professionals' business or personal assets and may result in them losing everything they have worked for throughout their career.


The Professional Civil Liability insurance policy exists to protect professionals in such cases. These policies often include Civil Liability guarantees for activity or "operation", but it is the Professional guarantee which is the most important.

The scope of this coverage includes a wide range of professionals and companies, although the most common are:

> Lawyers

> Doctors

> Property Managers

> Architects and Quantity Surveyors

> Private Detectives

> Industrial Property Agents

> Tax Consultants

> Judges

> Prosecutors

> Installers

> Financial Intermediaries


At Ferrer&Ojeda we provide both individual and collective solutions for these types of risk, either at the request of individuals, at the request of groups of professionals or through trade guilds, bodies or associations.



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