In this type of insurance, the risks inherent to any economic activity which do not signify an industrial transformation of merchandise, or the storage thereof, are identified.


Consequently, any commercial activity, including that of offices, will fit into policies of this type.

This coverage takes the form of a combination of benefits for different risk causes, including damage to own goods and damage to third parties,  with these benefits being distinguished between indemnity for damages and compensation for expenses.

Damage to own goods includes risks of fire, explosion, robbery, breakage of windows, water, lightning, climatological events, etc.

Damage to third parties  includes damage to third parties through economic activity, optionally including the liability that may derive from damages to employees. Here it should be pointed out that the civil liability cover may require special complimentary treatment, depending on the activity, including, for example, medical practices, engineering offices, architects firms, mechanical and IT workshops, events rooms, etc.

By way of example, expenses include fire services, evictions, rubble removal, location of leaks, etc.

At Ferrer&Ojeda we will be at your side throughout the entire process, since we feel that it is essential to correctly define the insured principals. We also recommend reaching a new agreement on a replacement value policy.



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